Air Duct Cleaning Services in Monterey CA

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FreshX Air Duct Cleaning is here to help our valued clients in Monterey breathe easy all year long.

If the air quality in your Monterey home or business isn’t up to par, it’s time to call on some expert help.

Our Clean Air people can clean your air ducts, make repairs or replacements to your duct work, address build up in your HVAC system and dryer vents, and more!

Residential Duct Cleaning in Monterey, CA

While an often ignored task, cleaning your air ducts is more important than most people realize!

Neglected air ducts hide allergens, mold, and other contaminants known to cause respiratory issues. Chances are these contaminants are being blown into your home – and into your lungs – every day.

Luckily, FreshX Air Duct Cleaning in Monterey is here to offer you clean, quality air. We’ll take care of the dust, dirt, and grime on your air ducts, dryer vents, exhaust fans, and HVAC system so you can relax.

Commercial Duct Cleaning in Monterey

While dirty ducts can diminish the air quality at your business, they can also cause your HVAC system to work harder and waste more energy than it should!

If you’re sick of paying extra on energy bills every month, then it’s time to call The Clean Air People at FreshX.

We offer maintenance, repairs, and a variety of NADCA certified commercial HVAC cleaning services. Whether you need full system duct cleaning, encapsulation, and more, our team is on the job!

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Dryer Vent Cleaning in Monterey, CA

Did you know that neglected dryer vents are one of the leading causes of home fires?

If you want to decrease your risk – and save on your energy bills at the same time – call our professionals for dryer vent cleaning today.

Our team eliminates lint, debris, dust, and other build up from your vents so that you’ll see a significant decrease in your drying time – and you can know your home is safer this year.

Rodent Duct Damage & Crawl Space/Attic Clean Up

Rodents are a pain – but you don’t have to combat them alone!

The experts at FreshX provide rodent cleanups in your basement and attic. We also offer repairs to ductwork damage caused by these uninvited guests.

Furnace/Filter Maintenance

Regular filter cleanings and filter replacements iare needed if you want your HVAC unit to live long and run well.

But furnace maintenance and cleaning can be a headache.

That’s why FreshX offers to replace, clean, and inspect your filters and provide you with a host of other services for your HVAC cleaning needs.

Smoke Damage

Has your home or business experienced smoke damage?

The Clean Air People at FreshX offer professional cleaning services that are guaranteed to eradicate smoke damage and odors from the air in your space.

Residential Smoke Blower Fan Cleaning
Commercial HVAC Units Blower Fan Cleaning

Exhaust Fan Cleaning

You probably don’t think much about your kitchen exhaust fan – until it stops doing it’s job.

But a well working exhaust fan in your home works to keep odors at bay, circulates air, and reduces the risk of fires.

Let FreshX help you cut the grease, dust, or other build up from your exhaust fan so it can continue to do it’s job for years to come.

AC Condenser/Coil Cleaning

Build up on your AC unit can mean that your home temperatures don’t stay comfortable, and that your system has to work harder than it should to pump out cool air.

FreshX offers AC cleaning services like condenser and coil cleaning. We’re here to help make sure your unit is running optimally all season long!

In FreshX Air Duct Cleaning, we are dedicated to delivering our professional services right to your residence, offering both ease and reassurance. Our offerings include Residential Air Duct CleaningCommercial Air Duct Cleaning, and Dryer Vent Cleaning solutions.