Air Duct Cleaning Services in Salinas CA

Commercial HVAC Units Cleaning

Need HVAC cleaning in Salinas? Look no further!

The Clean Air people at FreshX Air Duct Cleaning want you to breathe easy this season.

If your air quality is lacking, your HVAC system isn’t running like it should, or you’re struggling with respiratory issues like allergies and asthma, it’s time to give our team of experts a call!

From air duct cleaning services, ductwork repairs or replacements, and more, FreshX will help you make sure your home is clean, healthy, and comfortable this year.

Residential HVAC Cleaning in Salinas

Quit putting off those dirty ducts!

Chances are, your HVAC system is hiding allergens, mold, and other contaminants. This build up can cause allergies, illnesses, and respiratory issues — and chances are you’re breathing them in at home every day!

FreshX Air Duct Cleaning is here to offer our clients in Salinas the chance to breathe easy. Let us take care of the dust, dirt, and grime on your air ducts, dryer vents, exhaust fans, and HVAC system for you!

Commercial HVAC Cleaning in Salinas

Dirty air ducts at work can not only cause issues with your air quality, but they can also mean that your HVAC system isn’t working like it should.

Quit paying extra on energy bills – The Clean Air People at FreshX will professionally clean your system, offer maintenance, encapsulation, repairs, and a variety of NADCA certified commercial HVAC cleaning services.

Commercial HVAC Units Exhaust Fans Cleaning
Dryer Vent Cleaning Lint in Dryer Exhaust

Dryer Vent Cleaning in Salinas

Did you know that dryer vent cleaning is not only saves you on energy bills, but also drastically reduces your risk of home fires?

FreshX Air Duct Cleaning in Salinas can expertly eliminate lint, debris, dust, and other build up from your vents. You’ll see a big decrease in your drying time – and you can rest easy knowing your home is safer!

Rodent Duct Damage & Crawl Space/Attic Clean Up

Rodents aren’t fun to deal with, and they can leave some serious damage in their wake.

The good news is, the experts at FreshX offer basement and attic rodent cleanups and can also make repairs to ductwork damages by these pests.

Furnace/Filter Maintenance

If you want your HVAC to work well for years to come, regular filter cleaning and maintenance is a must.

At FreshX we can replace, clean, and inspect your filters while providing you with a host of other services for your HVAC cleaning needs.

Smoke Damage

Anyone who has dealt with severe smoke damage knows how hard it is to regain good air quality again.

Luckily, the Clean Air People at FreshX offer cleaning services that are guaranteed to eradicate smoke damage and odors from the air in your home or business.

Residential Smoke Blower Fan
Commercial HVAC Units Blower Fan Cleaning

Exhaust Fan Cleaning

When’s the last time you cleaned your exhaust fan?

This often ignored kitchen fixture needs regular cleaning in order to do its job – but scrubbing all of that grease and debris can be a real pain.

At FreshX we can expertly clean your exhaust fan so that it will run optimally for years to come.

AC Condenser/Coil Cleaning

If your AC unit isn’t running like it should, dirty coils or condensers may be to blame!

Let FreshX clean these fixtures and help you save energy while keeping your system running comfortably all summer long.

In FreshX Air Duct Cleaning, we are dedicated to delivering our professional services right to your residence, offering both ease and reassurance. Our offerings include Residential Air Duct CleaningCommercial Air Duct Cleaning, and Dryer Vent Cleaning solutions.